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Sleek, Simple and Stylish

My name is Heidi and I am the owner and creative mind behind So Simply Quaint.

I have been creative most all of my life, always carrying the thought of “if you can’t find it, make it!” type attitude. Always looking for a creative “fix”.

My main goal is to create sleek, simple and stylish designs that can be worn with anything. So special, that they will become your go-to daily piece.

Each piece is made to order – hand cut & hand stamped one letter at a time in my PNW home. I do not use machines or letter presses in my work. I can tell you that all pieces won’t be perfectly square, and the letters won’t be perfectly aligned …but that is what makes each piece uniquely yours! A little, “hint of whimsy” in your perfectly, quaint design. Perfectly imperfect if you will.

My simple, clean, classic pieces will make the perfect gift. Whether you are shopping for a special occasion gift (anniversary, graduation, new baby, baptism, etc) or for something “just because” (we secretly know those are the best gifts anyways!), So Simply Quaint is sure to have the perfect piece!

I pride myself on a commitment to quality and a desire to provide great service. I do my best to add that little “personal touch” that everyone is looking for in a final product.

Let me help you take the challenge out of gift shopping!

I enjoy making custom pieces and am open to just about any ideas my customers may have. There is nothing like seeing the joy from customers who purchase my pieces, and hearing the stories they are willing to share about why they are purchasing a specific piece or the special person they are buying it for. It brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

If you would like to see my pieces locally, you can visit one of the local boutiques that carry my items {The Fussy Duck, located in Salem, Oregon} or you can find me at local Etsy events twice a year.